[BELT REVIEW] Ratchet Gun Belt For Concealed Carry

In the world of concealed carry belts, the options are far and wide. What works for one person isn’t going to work for another, and it’s a matter of seeing what’s out there and testing out the different options.

This review focuses on the Ratchet Gun Belt, particularly their Mamba version. Let’s let them tell us about their belt, first;

Premium quality black leather, hand crafted by award winning artisans, R.G.B. offers the most endurable and most versatile belt in the world. With our brand new ratchet buckle design, it allows 1/4 inch adjustment for your perfect fit. The reinforced insert stabilized daily carryout without collapsing.

1 1/2″ in width
48″ in length, 60″ in length

These belts are handcrafted to perfection and offer a really sleek look for everyday wear, as well as a dressier night out.


Anti stretch, sag or fold over with military grade reinforcement layer

1/4″ increment adjustment for comfort

Full grain leather on both sides

Quality hand craftsmanship

One belt fits all waist size*

No hole

Supportive yet comfortable for all day everyday wear

In between the two pieces of leather is a reinforcement layer that stops the belt from sagging, drooping or losing it’s shape. This is obviously important when carrying a firearm, as you don’t want everything sagging off to one side. A belt that is able to successfully hold up your rig is key, and the R.G.B. does not disappoint in this category.


The secret behind the best fit ever is their use of the trackline, seen below. Every 1/4″ has a notch for the buckle to secure itself into. This trackline replaces the need for holes, and allows for a much better fit for anyone using it.


The belt itself comes shipped in either 48″ or 60″ lengths. Then from there, you cut the leather accordingly to fit your waist. Once cut, you slide the belt into the buckle and attach it by screwing in the four provided screws with the provided hex key. The screws find their way into the leather to create a very secure grip.


The buckle is beautiful and modern, and isn’t flashy by any means. With the way that the buckle attaches to the belt, it’s easy to swap the buckle for another. Ratchet Gun Belt has a few different buckles available, and it’s as simple as removing the four screws and attaching the new buckle.

Images00006 Images00007

On the top right of the picture below, you’ll see the release lever. This lever is simply pulled out to release the metal ‘tooth’ from the trackline, allowing the belt to be removed. That lever will actually be situated on the bottom when you’re wearing the belt. It’s a no-hassle way of quickly removing the belt and takes no time getting used to.


It admittedly took me a little bit to get used to this belt, simply because it’s a much different design than I’m used to. You know, the traditional belt with holes for securing. It grew on me, though. A lot. The refined look without the holes is my favorite part, personally. It’s a much sleeker look.

Price: $119 (Click Here to buy)

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