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[WATCH] Armed Customer Shoots Robber Dead, Then Returns Stolen Money To Patrons

HOUSTON, TEXAS — An armed customer inside Ranchito Taqueria drew his firearm and shot an armed robber who was demanding valuables from patrons inside the restaurant. That armed robber died as a result.

No one else inside the establishment was injured.

It happened Thursday night around 11:30pm and was captured on surveillance cameras inside the business.

Police ssay the man walked into the restaurant and demanded wallets and money from customers and as he was making his rounds, was shot by an unidentified patron, a shot that proved fatal.

After the shooting, the armed patron reportedly grabbed the stolen items and returned them to their rightful owners.

Before police arrived, the armed patron was gone. While he isn’t likely to face any charges for the shooting, police are still wanting to talk with him.

If you’re ever involved in a shooting and leave the area for safety reasons, get on the phone with 911. At all times in these cases, the armed citizen needs to stick around and talk with police. There may be reasons why he decided to dip out, but for everyone reading this, don’t do this.

Stick around, calm down, meet responding police, and call your lawyer before speaking with them.

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