Warning: Graphic; Intruder In Court After Being Shot In Face By Homeowner


LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — The guy who got shot in the head trying to crawl in through a homeowner’s doggie door appeared in court today to determine if he would be tried for burglary in addition to the litany of other charges. His lawyer ardently argued that he didn’t actually qualify as a burglar. With a straight face. No laughing. We agree. He qualifies as a reminder that for home defense, consider jacketed hollow points.

“He was standing there at the glass and I showed him face to face, I have [a gun] and that didn’t seem to phase him,” said [the homeowner] during a preliminary hearing on Tuesday.

Definitely sounds like nothing was hurt when the bullet entered Gonzalez’s dome. He obviously didn’t think a gun would be do any real damage. Ridiculously enough, he was right.

After that fateful incident, to give a brief recap, Gonzalez was yelling that he was the victim of a crime.

“He said ‘someone’s out here chasing me. Someone is out here trying to get me.’ And I told him ‘sit down the police are on their way’,” said [the homeowner] of Gonzales’ actions.

We covered the original story here. In it, we were ultimately surprised that Gonzalez survived a point blank shot to the head. That’s normally a done deal. Apparently, there wasn’t a lot going on upstairs in the first place if a bullet didn’t disrupt anything. That brain surgery was courtesy of taxpayers. In that story, you’ll likely also see that none of the homeowner’s neighbors, who had seen Gonzalez attempt to break in to two other homes before trying the homeowner’s, that they didn’t buy that story.

Warning, here’s a graphic picture of what Gonzalez looked like when he was arrested.

ScreenHunter_831 Mar. 09 21.20

Thankfully, the judge didn’t buy the lawyer’s argument that Gonzalez, armed with a 12-inch cutlery knife, wasn’t intending to assault any of the occupants in the home. Gonzalez will be tried for attempting to burglarize the home in addition to trying to break in to two other homes. There will likely be other charges in addition to that, but Gonzalez will survive to see his day in court.

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