Bad Apple: Concealed Carrier Brandishes Gun To Off-Duty Cop During A Bit Of Road Rage

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — Every group has a few bad apples, and concealed carry is no exception. We’re not here to pretend that all concealed carriers are following the law at all times because that simply isn’t realistic. Humans will be humans, and some will fall through the cracks.

The latest Irresponsible Gun Owner story comes to us from Illinois, and tells us that a licensed individual brandished his firearm… and he chose the completely wrong person to do it to.

Officers stoped a gray Honda sedan about 6:20 p.m. on Interstate 90 at Nagle Avenue and took 28-year-old Charles R. Peterson into custody after finding a loaded handgun in the vehicle’s center console, Illinois State Police said.

An off-duty Chicago Police officer reported Peterson was following him and had shown the gun after cutting him off in traffic, state police said. The handgun was found with a live round in the chamber and a loaded magazine was found near the gun.

Police say that Peterson had a valid FOID card and a concealed carry license, which is something that we just don’t like to see. Whatever possessed him to brandish his firearm in the heat of the moment is unacceptable at all times, and this man, if accounts are true, is by no means the majority representation of concealed carriers.

We know this and you know this, but any instance like this happening has a negative effect on the movement as a whole.

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