Florida Police Tell Residents To Shoot Former Marine Who Killed Police Officer


NASSAU COUNTY, FLORIDA — A Sheriff in Florida has told the public that a “rabid animal” is on the loose and if he comes to your home and tries to break in, and you have a gun, to use that gun without hesitation.

Bill Leeper, the sheriff of Nassau County in Florida, described suspect Patrick McDowell as a “rabid animal” and warned residents to “blow him out the door” if he tried to break into their house.

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Deputy Joshua Moyers was shot in the face and back by McDowell during a traffic stop on Friday, and did not survive. McDowell was said to be driving a stolen minivan with a female passenger.

A manhunt has been going on in an effort to find McDowell, and a reward of over $50,000 is now on the table. Police say that one of their dogs was also shot during the manhunt.

McDowell was described as a 6-foot-1, 180-pound white male with balding brown hair, blue eyes, wide earring holes in his ears, a tattoo on his left shoulder stating “Death Before Dishonor” and one on his right arm stating “EGA.” He was last seen wearing camouflage shorts, a black shirt, a white undershirt and black tennis shoes, according to the Blue Alert.

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One can only hope that McDowell is captured by police, but if he does try to break into a home, it’s up to whoever is inside to defend themselves properly, against a man with military training and the capacity to kill.

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