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[REVIEW] Essential Holsters Naked Holster: A Total Shock And Not At All What I Was Expecting

Let’s start this one off with a funny story, shall we?

This product came up on my Facebook newsfeed as an ad. I clicked, because I saw it and immediately wanted to add it to the Holsters I Don’t Trust article. So, I bought one for the Hellcat and it arrived a few days later. I couldn’t wait to warn folks about this disaster waiting to happen, just like the other few on the list linked in this article…

…but, it’s actually not that bad.

Let me explain, because I want to be as transparent as possible. For years now, I’ve shunned holsters that don’t meet certain criteria. The basics are:

  • It needs to completely cover the trigger guard
  • It needs to offer adequate retention
  • It needs to keep the barrel clear of any obstruction
  • It needs to allow me to safely carry with a round in the chamber

The products on this list don’t come close to meeting the above requirements, but Essential Holsters’ Naked Holster does.

On the other hand, I’ve never ever given a positive review for a ‘minimalist holster’, because they’re dangerous and gimmicky. Until now, that is.

I reached out to the company via Facebook and told them who I was, and that I wanted to talk with them about a funny story. I gave them my number and they called, even though it was 8 p.m.

I was brutally honest. “I literally bought your product to add it to our list of holsters not to buy. Then I got it and was like, wow, this isn’t terrible.”

Charles is who gave me a call, and he’s the owner and creator of the product. The team consists of himself and his wife Melody, both veterans, and they’ve been doing so well that Charles quit his job to focus on this project full time.

I ended up talking with them both Charles and Melody for a good hour, and they seem like really great people with a true passion for what they’ve created.

After his not being able to find something that suits his carry needs, he simply set out to create something that he’d love to use and carry.

Enter: Naked Holster by Essential Holsters.

The device is 3D-printed using a nylon carbon fiber blend filament. One thing’s for sure; it’s sturdy. It’s got a somewhat smooth touch as well, which I wasn’t expecting. To install it on your firearm, you simply slide it over your trigger guard until you hear it click. The end result looks something like this:

The clip is obviously not adjustable, so you’re going to get a pretty straight up and down position with your firearm. It’s a strong little thing, though, and has a wrap-around hook design where the bottom of the clip meets your belt. This allows for you to draw the firearm while keeping the clip in it’s position; on your belt.

The draw is a little tough, but the retention isn’t anything insane. Just more than I’m used to with my typical holster.

As you can see from above, it adds absolutely no width to the firearm.

Let’s answer some questions, after I’ve showed you a good look at what this product is all about:

Will it retain the firearm? YES
Will it cover and secure the trigger guard? YES
Will it allow you to carry with a round in the chamber? YES
Cant adjustment? NO
Ride height adjustment? NO

This is one of those products that I have to love, and maybe ‘love’ is a strong word, but I definitely like it a lot more than I thought I would.

Would I personally use it as a replacement for my current full kydex holster? No, but I can see it being practical in certain circumstances.

While I love the idea of a minimalist lifestyle, I generally hate the idea of a minimalist holster. If anyone is going to go that route, though, I hope it’s this one and not one of these. The short: If you’re currently using one of these no-no devices, I highly recommend you check out this product as a safer and more durable replacement.

Company: Essential Holsters
Product: Naked Holster
Price: $24.99

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