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SUSPECT DOWN: Craigslist Seller Tied Up At Home During Transaction, Gets Free And Gets Gun

JEFFERSON COUNTY, COLORADO — Another craigslist deal gone sour.  What’s up with craigslist these days?  It used to just be a quick place to find a cheap apartment, sell an old lawnmower, and be bombarded by senseless scam emails.  Now, apparently, it’s become a hot bed of hook up activity between criminals looking to rob folks and folks looking to get robbed.  As it turns out, in Jefferson County, that’s precisely what went down.  Two armed robbers went to a man’s house in Jefferson County with the sole intention of robbing him.  They entered his home, tied him up, and started going through his belongings, according to ABC News.

Well, apparently they failed “hostage situation 101” because the homeowner got out.  And when he did, he got his gun and proceeded to defend the ever-loving mercy out of his own home — as we would all hope to do in a similar situation.  Quite quickly, the robbers realized their situation was bad and one suspect ran to steal the man’s car.  The victim shot through the front wind shield and fatally shot the robber.  The other robber, unfortunately, got away.  Now Jefferson County deputies are on the hunt for the one that got away.

If you’re going to do a craigslist deal, here’s the basic run-down in 5 easy steps:

  • Arrange to meet at a designated public spot.  If the local police station has a parking spot designated for craigslist sales and purchases — definitely go there.
  • Make sure to have your concealed carry handgun on you.
  • Make sure you have the name of the person you intend to conduct the sale with.
  • Preferably, have a buddy hang along.
  • Enjoy a nice, peaceful and relatively safe transaction.

It can be that easy.  Craigslist is a great opportunity to get rid of old cars, lawnmowers, etc.  The problem is that there is a growing class of criminal dips that think this is a great opportunity to take advantage of someone.  They’re not afraid to be armed, do dangerous, idiotic things, and definitely don’t care if you’re okay.  NOT EVERYONE is like this… This really does apply to crooks.  So, it’s not necessary to treat everyone you meet over craigslist like they’re an enemy combatant — just make sure you have your aces in their places.

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