Woman Fends Off Intruder With ‘Large Caliber Handgun’


DRIPPING SPRINGS, TEXAS — An unarmed intruder was shot by a 48-year-old mother after he broke in through a side window and refused to comply repeatedly with the mother’s requests for identification.  Ultimately, the conflict ended with a single .44 caliber gunshot to the suspect’s abdomen as she could not get Randall Dorsett, 25, of Round Rock, to leave or comply with commands.  Police evacuated Dorsett and placed him on a medical air flight to a nearby hospital.  When he recovers, he will be charged with burglary.

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“We think this is an isolated incident,” Hays Co. Sheriff Gary Cutler said at a Tuesday afternoon press conference. “We have no other home invasions like this for a number of years in Hays County. And we do not have any link between him and Hays County… We have no idea how he picked this house.”

It’s still unknown how and why Dorsett targeted that house in particular.  Located up a long drive way not particularly near anywhere, Dorsett had to disobey multiple signs warning potential trespassers and even proceeded over road cones acting as a barrier.

When asked what “bad guys” have to learn from this incident, the sheriff said, “Just like this lady did what she had to: protect herself and her family, and her property. And I think most people are going to do that… Nobody is going to mess with her children.”

Dorsett had one prior conviction from December 31st for aggravated assault on a police officer in Williamson County.  Other than that, Dorsett had no known record in the state of Texas for crimes and there really appears to be no outward connection between him and the family.  It’s a stunning reminder that potentially violent home invaders don’t really need a good reason to do something dumb.  It’s up to law abiding, responsible gun owners who not only practice and train regularly but also train their children to spot for potential threats and report.

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