Man With Rifle Chases Down Truck Thief Suspects, Opens Fire And Kills One

HOUSTON, TEXAS — A son noticed that his father’s pickup truck was missing from their driveway, along with $3,000 worth of auto parts that were also in the truck, so he hopped into another vehicle to see if he could locate it.

Not far from the home, the son found the truck at the dead end side of the street with two occupants inside. That’s when the son apparently opened fire, striking the suspect who was in the driver’s seat. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

The other suspect took off and has not yet been located.

The sounds of gunfire were captured on a Nest security camera, and we can hear that apparently, there was no holding back.

The son was not immediately charged, and is cooperating with police during their investigation.

There are immediate concerns when armed citizens pull the trigger when their lives aren’t in danger, but we don’t know the full story in this case. For the suspects to drive to the dead end side of the street, something is a little off. Was the son threatened by them? Were they armed? We don’t have answers to these questions, but the son put his own life at risk for material items that can be replaced.

If you have to risk your own life, when your life isn’t in immediate danger, that doesn’t make much sense to me.

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