UPDATE: Suspect From Van In Standoff Reportedly Dead, Connection Not Yet Confirmed

TORRENCE, CALIFORNIA — In the aftermath of a horrific mass shooting that has reportedly taken the lives of ten and injured at least ten others, police barricaded in a white van containing an individual potentially related to the Monterey Park tragedy.

That individual is now dead, according to The Orange County Register.

That person was later found to be dead, a law enforcement source told an SCNG reporter. Homicide investigators were en route to the scene early Sunday afternoon.

The person was seen slumped over and a bullet hole appeared to be in the driver’s side window of the van.

The van was surrounded by at least six police cars and SWAT vehicles near Hawthorne and Sepulveda boulevards.

The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department’s bomb squad was on scene, and Hawthorne Police said there were concerns the person could have chemicals or explosives in the vehicle.

The Orange County Register

However, it is still not confirmed that the individual within the car is actually the person behind the horrific crime.

“People have asked, ‘Is that our suspect? We don’t know,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said according to The Register.

This is a developing situation, and we will update as we are able.

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