Multiple People Shot On SC Beach During Senior Skip Day Mayhem

A senior skip day event led to fights and gunshots on Friday at a beach in Isle of Palms, SC. The beach was packed with seniors from multiple high schools, as well as tourists and locals trying to enjoy some beach time. The incident began around 5:30 pm local time.

At some point, at least one fight broke out and led to multiple shots fired, some of which were captured on video.

Police announced that two people were arrested in the aftermath of the incident, of which 6 people were injured. Most of the injured were in their teens.

“Most victims are 16 to 15 years old. With one victim in her mid-30s,” Chief Kevin Cornett told reporters during a press conference.

The mid-30s victim was not a part of the event.

A 16-year-old was charged with possession of a stolen firearm and unlawful carrying of a firearm. Another suspect, an 18-year-old, was charged with possession of a firearm in a municipal parking lot. It is not known if either of these suspects fired any shots during the incident.

Police say most witnesses were not very cooperative, making the investigation more difficult.

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