WHY WE CARRY: Gunman Kills 4, Injures 7 Inside Waffle House, Suspect Remains On The Loose


ANTIOCH, TENNESSEE — A half-naked gunman walked up to a Waffle House around 3am this morning and shot two people outside before making his way inside the restaurant and firing at more people.

Four people were killed and at least seven others were injured.

We have a policy of not showing the photo of gunmen or displaying their names, however this suspect is still at large.

29-year-old Travis Reinking is the person of interest, and can be seen in the photo below:

Police do not believe that he is armed anymore, but still ask residents to remain cautious if they happen to spot him, and to call police immediately if they are suspicious of anything or believe that they have located him.

A massive manhunt was underway Sunday morning outside Nashville. Police dogs tracked Reinking to a nearby wooded area with power line towers, police said. He is not believed to be armed, but police said he has a propensity for guns, so not ruling out that he may be armed and dangerous.

After the shooting, Reinking shed his jacket and was nude when he went to a nearby apartment complex, where police believe he lives. A witness told police that they saw him leaving wearing only black pants.

A 29-year-old man, who was inside the Waffle House at the time of the attack, attacked the gunman and was able to wrestle the gun away from him.

That’s when the gunman knew that he had been beat and took off running.

The suspect, identified by police as Travis Reinking, fled on foot, nude, after shedding his coat, and remains at large, police said.
Federal, state and local law enforcement were already aware of Reinking, 29, “due to previous interactions,” police spokesman Don Aaron said. FBI investigators were on the scene Sunday morning.

One witness described the scene, saying that the gunman wasted no time and seemed to be on a mission.

Witness Chuck Cordero, 50, had come by to grab a cup of coffee Sunday morning when he saw the suspect get out of his vehicle and open fire.

Cordero described the suspect shooting through the glass and at a man standing by the door before heading inside.

“He did not say anything,” Cordero said of the shooter. “He pulled up, got out of his car and was all business.”

A Police spokesman gave an account of what happened during the incident during a press conference, seen below:

The firearm used was a rifle, and police were quick to label it an ‘assault-type rifle’. A photo of the rifle used in the senseless attack is seen below, provided by Metro Police.

If you live in the area and believe that you have spotted the suspect, call police immediately. We hope that he is caught swiftly and brought to justice for this unspeakable act.

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