Armed Robbery Suspect Cries Foul After Getting Shot By Bystander — Rushes For Safety Into McDonald’s

LAWTON, OKLAHOMA — Witnesses in the parking lot of a Lawton McDonald’s report they saw an armed man attempt to rob another at gunpoint around 9:30 pm.  The initial situation was described as a bit sketchy to begin with — with all three standing beside their respective parked cars.  After the gun was taken out and used to threaten a man, that’s when a companion to the would-be victim pulled his gun and shot the suspected robber in the jaw.

According to the initial report by The Lawton Constitution, the robber and other bystanders immediately fled for safety to the McDonald’s.  Witnesses report the robber was crying out desperately for others to help him as patrons locked him out until authorities could arrive.  By the time authorities arrived, he was flown to a hospital in Oklahoma City.

The alleged shooter and the would-be robbery victim both fled the scene.  Police, upon arriving, found two firearms but little else outside of the story of countless bystanders.

According to a cellphone video taken of the aftermath, two people in the parking lot — neither of which are believed to be related to the shooting incident — raced for the McDonald’s and locked the door behind them.  This left a bloodied and frantic criminal banging on the door demanding to be let inside.

KWSO tells another side the story, depicting it as a drug deal gone awry.  They say a man and a woman were in the parking lot when the armed criminal drew down on the woman.  The man, who is believed to be the woman’s brother-in-law, then pulled his gun and shot the assailant.

So… Criminals acting tough and consequently put everyone around them in jeopardy.  Then beg for mercy and help when they get wounded.  Sounds about right.  Always be carrying, folks.

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