Multiple Vehicles Shot At In Vicinity of Interstate-10 Near Phoenix

PHOENIX, ARIZONA — The Arizona Department of Public Safety has issued a warning to motorists traveling on the congested roadways of Interstate-10 in Phoenix.  For the past several days, motorists have reported gunfire hitting their vehicles.  At this time, no one has been hit but injuries have been reported in relation to broken glass and fragments.

“You should be concerned,” DPS Director Col. Frank Milstead said to KPHO. “We have someone or some people shooting guns at moving cars on Interstate 10. It has not ended in a tragedy but it could.”

Reports of gunfire and bullets hitting vehicles have been scattered over the past few days.  Differing and sometimes conflicting reports place the attacker at multiple spots posted throughout the I-10 area.  DPS are uncertain at this time if it is an isolated gunman or multiple gunmen working in coordination.


Valley drivers have been placed on “high alert” as the I-10 system can become quite congested – making it much easier to be a stationary target.  This is a second report we’ve done to cover this issue as a similar incident was reported up near Battle Creek, Michigan.  That incident has gone on for more than a month while local law enforcement struggle to pinpoint the shooter or shooters involved with that situation.

Above all, it’s advised that if you are in the I-10 vicinity and hear or see rounds incoming, do not attempt to engage — get to a safe location, report the incident to authorities, and ensure you’re out of the field of fire.

We will keep you posted on this and other odd incidents for both public safety purposes and situational awareness.

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