Mayoral Candidate Shot And Killed By Brother-In-Law In Likely Self-Defense


SOSO, MISSISSIPPI — A former mayoral candidate and volunteer firefighter, Jason Adam Marshall, 41, was fatally shot at his estranged wife’s residence. The shooting occurred early Wednesday morning, after a reported bitter divorce from a 12-year marriage. Marshall arrived at the home, leading to an altercation with his armed brother-in-law who lived next door.

Despite being asked to leave, Marshall attempted to draw his own 9mm handgun, resulting in multiple shots fired from the brother-in-law’s AR-15. The exchange of gunfire happened while Marshall’s three children were inside the house.

Assistant Police Chief Tyler Hill regarded Marshall as a man struggling with severe issues, mentioning a history of violent confrontations and threats in family disputes. The shooting is being investigated as a case of self-defense, with ongoing inquiries by the Jones County Sheriff’s Department and subsequent review by the local district attorney’s office.

Reports indicate Marshall had previously made serious allegations against his wife during divorce proceedings, leading to an emergency domestic protection order and loss of visitation rights pending a mental health assessment.

The community awaits further details from the ongoing investigation and autopsy results.

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