5 Enter, 4 Leave — Here’s The Scoreboard For Recent Home Invasion


PEMBROKE PINES, FLORIDA — Three men and one woman are behind bars following a horribly botched attempt at rushing an apartment.  According to police and reported through WSVN, the woman — an 18-year-old Alexis Brantley — planned and orchestrated the home invasion which lead to the death of their accomplice, 23-year-old Milot Desir.  Desir was shot by a resident after the five of them squad-rushed an apartment in the early hours of Friday morning.  He was transported to Memorial Hospital West, according to WSVN, where he was pronounced dead.

This is beautiful and horrible at the same time.  Five people with enough brains combined to turn on a lightbulb decide their big score is going to come from an apartment squad rush.  Of course, we’ve got the classic track record of felonies and allegedly one of them may have been armed.  So they stack into the stairwell, an open and exposed position, and decide to execute their movement with numerical superiority.

Of course, the last thing they were counting on was a resident who just happened to see all of this take place and get the barrel of his gun levelled at the entry way.

So, deplete of any element of surprise or force of arms — they proceeded to just get botched up in the stairwell.  And that’s where their accomplice took his fatal gunshot wound and fell down the stairwell.

It’s tragic.  It’s hilarious.  What the heck were these people thinking?  Did they watch Scarface (1983) once and decide, “oh, this’ll work out well!”

In either case, they’re all being charged with home invasion with a firearm.  Who knows which one of them had a firearm.  It doesn’t matter.  Florida doesn’t care.  And now they’re all getting charged in the felony murder of their accomplice… Which sounds about right because with a plan that stupid, they really did author their friend’s death.

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