Two Teens, Armed With Gun And Machete, Shot And Killed By Homeowner


NORTHGLEN, COLORADO — A homeowner shot and killed two teens armed with a gun and a machete in self-defense after they attempted to break into his home.

On the 11600 block of Pearl Street, the two teens broke through a fence and attempted to enter the home. It was here that they exchanged gunfire with the homeowner and were killed. Due to Colorado’s make my day law, the homeowner will not be facing any charges as he was under serious threat within his own home.

The two teens were also suspected of breaking into another home that Sunday afternoon. Lj Perceval and her son noticed immediately that their home had been broken into once they arrived. Perceval immediately called the police and were told it could take some time for police to respond as they were dealing with a more serious situation down the street.

Perceval found out soon after that the criminals who had robbed her house were dead, as the Northglenn detectives were able to connect the crimes as they had gone around the corner and attempted to break into another home.

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