The Difference Between A Rifle And A Telescope

By Robert Farago via

“Levi Joraanstad and Colin Waldera were setting up the large device to take pictures of the moon behind their apartment’s garage on Dakota Dr. N when they were blinded by a bright light and told to stop moving,” Fargo’s reports. “Authorities say an officer patrolling the area had spotted the two out of the corner of his eye, and thought Joraanstad’s dark colored sweater with white lettering on the back looked like a tactical vest and that he might be carrying a rifle.” So the officer slowly went to investigate. Oh wait. That’s not how the police roll these days. Before the kids were blinded by the light (revved up like a deuce) the unidentified officer . . .

“checked area agencies to make sure none had any operations going on before he called for backup. Three or four officers made verbal contact . . . ‘ And then they started shouting to quit moving or we could be shot. And so at that moment we kind of look at each other and we’re thinking we better take this seriously.’ Police say the two were never in any danger and that it was a situation of ‘better safe than sorry.’”

Not specified: whether the officers drew their guns. Wanna bet? Anyway, SWAT wasn’t called and no dogs died in the making of this report.

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