Man Shoots Home Intruder Twice, But Then Has Gun And Belongings Snatched


AIKEN COUNTY, GEORGIA — Fire team rush!  Three men and a woman barged into a family’s home in Aiken County, Georgia with the minimal intention of sacking the place.  According to Aiken County’s Sheriff’s Department, the thugs decided that the witching hour of 12:30 am was a great time to kick in the door and make their move.  Emilio Rojas, 33, told authorities he awoke to find one of them standing over him.  The intruder beat him in the head repeatedly, telling him to give up his money, while the rest made their way to the room of a 61-year old woman’s room.

She reported that they aimed guns at her head and told her to give up her money.

Maybe these folks didn’t do their homework ahead of time.  Who knows?  Something about a tenement flat where multiple people are living… Big guess on this one is none of them have any real money to cough up.  But why stop there?

The home invaders also moved on down the hall to a 48-year old man’s room and – you guessed it – also threatened him with their illegally obtained firearms and demanded his money.

Somewhere in this ensuing struggle, Rojas managed to get out his Taurus .38 Special and fire several rounds at one of the men who attacked them.

The intruder was able to take Rojas’ money, cellphone, wallet and gun before vacating the premises.

Rojas abandoned his valuables to check on the others and ensure they were alright.

Thankfully, Aiken County Sheriff’s Department doesn’t mess around.  They got out the bloodhounds and proceeded to hunt those criminals down.  One of them had suffered two non-critical gunshot wounds and the rest were mostly too dumb to know how to evade capture.

According to the Augusta Chronicle,

“All suspects were taken to the Aiken County Detention Center on charges of burglary in the first degree, armed robbery and possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime.”

Rojas, for his actions, will not be charged by police.  The Sheriff made a brief statement for the Augusta Chronicle to the effect that he supports the rights of residents to protect themselves, their property, and their family.

Unfortunately, for all of us, this serves as an important life lesson that simply having a gun, getting access to that gun, and having the ability to discharge it on target is not always enough.  It’s shots that count and it’s maintaining control over the firearm that’s important.

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