#DIGTHERIG – Rob and his H&K USPC .45ACP in a MultiHolsters Custom Made IWB


#1 – H&K USPC .45ACP. With Viridian green laser / light. Raised tritium sights.
– Octane 45 suppressor

#2 – MultiHolsters custom made IWB with Viridian instant on. (kydex)

#3 – My choice of weapon is based on the proven reliability and performance of H&K. I find the USPC comfortable and user friendly for accurate follow up shots and quick mag change.

My choice of holster is based on the fact that I could not find the option for my particular setup with any of the available tactical holster companies. Multiholsters worked with me through measurements, photos and a couple of phone calls. It has the instant on feature which activates my laser and / or light when the weapon is drawn. It’s been ideal and never failed to conceal. I keep the spare magazine in my back pocket. That works better for me than any mag holder. The finger grip floor plate on the second magazine assists with retrieval and sweat or blood, which is more likely during the second magazine of course.
The suppressor fits nicely in a coat pocket.

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