[CCW IN ACTION] Attacker: “Ever been hit in the head with a bat?” — Concealed Carrier: Ever been shot by a bullet?

ST. CLOUD, MINNESOTA — A thirty year old allegedly asked a couple in St. Cloud whether they had “ever been hit in the head with a bat before”. The couple thought it was a bad joke and kept walking to their car. This occurred outside a store, a little past midnight. When the man heard a deep inhale, he turned around and saw his potential attacker with a bat raised high above his head. He drew his concealed carry pistol out and kept it on the wannabe assailant.

According to WJON AM1240 News, Phillip Keys dropped the bat and allegedly told the concealed carrier to shoot him before fleeing the scene. The concealed carrier didn’t oblige the man but he did report him to police. St. Cloud police found Keys, who denied his involvement.

Keys said he had been drinking all night at a bar and was nowhere near the location where the alleged attempted assault occurred. Video surveillance and the couple’s positive identification told a different story.

He was arrested and charged with second degree assault.

We’re going to go ahead and jump to the conclusion that this guy may not be right in the head. According to the news report, the couple recalled Keys was dragging a bat behind him. That’s creepy. And then to ask the couple if they had ever been assaulted with a baseball bat… If that man hadn’t had his concealed carry gun on him, he may have been forced to fight for his life.

Thankfully, not a single shot needed to be fired to solve this situation. That goes to show how powerful it can be to have a gun, need to use it, and be able to resolve a crisis before life is lost.

Many folks think that it can’t happen to them. We always hope they’re right but should that rare occasion present itself, you’ll either wish you had a concealed carry pistol on you or you won’t need to ask at all.

Carry everyday, carry responsibly.

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