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Irresponsible Gun Owner: 4-Year-Old Finds Gun Owner’s Loaded Handgun In Church Bathroom

After a Sunday church service, a 4-year-old boy came across a loaded handgun inside a bathroom stall. The owner of the handgun was cited with endangering a child.

That gun owner, 70-year-old Claude Haynes III, was asked by the church to leave his firearm at home from now on. He was asked not only because of the incident, but because the church holds it’s services in a community center where this occurred, and a town ordinance prohibits the carrying of firearms in that location.

Police say because of the citation, Haynes’ concealed carry permit will now be re-evaluated by the sheriff’s office.

Do you feel that Haynes should have his concealed carry permit revoked because of his negligence? Chime in below.

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