Intruders Didn’t Even Wait For Homeowner To Answer Door Before Barging In — Both Homeowner And Intruder Shot


ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND — Authorities are wrapping up an incident that took place in Annapolis where two armed assailants barged into a home.  By the time police arrived, the homeowner and one of the assailants had sustained non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.  Both were transported to a regional medical center.

According to WUSA 9, the homeowner was on the couch with his girlfriend when they heard a knock on the front door.  It wasn’t long after that, two assailants broke through the door – one was armed with a handgun.  The homeowner wasted no time and rushed the first assailant.  He was shot in the leg but managed to deliver a round to the assailant.  The main assailant’s accomplice saw the situation was going south rather quickly and decided to abandon his buddy to the authorities.

The primary assailant was identified as 37-year-old Delonta Alonzo Snowden and he is currently in custody.  His accomplice is yet unidentified but is believed to have escaped in a 2009 Silver Dodge van.  Police are still on the look-out for the second suspect.

Remember: be ready at a moment’s notice. You never know what may be wanting to come through your door.

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