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Resident Shoots And Kills 2 Armed Men Attempting To Break Into Home

WAUKEGAN, ILLINOIS — A man got into a gunfight with two other armed men who police say were trying to break into the home. It happened around 10 am Tuesday morning, and ended with both suspects being found dead in the front yard when police arrived.

A person in the home confronted two males, one of whom was armed, trying to break into the home and an “altercation occurred” in which they exchanged gunfire, police said.

Officers showed up to the home and found the two males dead in the front yard, police said. Their names have not been released by the Lake County coroner’s office.

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Someone inside the home called 911 after the shooting.

The area does not seem to be a high crime location, as hinted by the police department’s commander.

“I cannot remember the last time we had two people try and break into a home, if that is what happened, where they are shot in the front yard,” said Waukegan Police Department Commander Joe Florip. “This is an isolated and specific incident, and I do not remember anything like this happening.”

Finding deceased suspects in the front yard can be cause for concern among gun owners, because some would call this a non-deadly threat if the suspects weren’t in the house. Based on crime scene video, a blue tarp was put up close to the home’s entrance, likely covering the bodies from view.

Investigators will decide how things played out once they comb through evidence, but this seems to be a legitimate case of self-defense on the part of the resident.

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