After Violent Gunfight, Armed Criminals Flee To Nearby House And Encounter Armed Homeowner


PANAMA CITY, FLORIDA — Officer David Brady of Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission was engaged by small arms fire originating from two men whom are believed to have been trying to steal a sail boat out on St. Andrews’ Pass according to MyPanHandle.

The harrowing details were released in a press conference given by Sheriff Frank McKeithen.  Brady was shot twice – once through the collarbone and another time in his bulletproof vest.  He managed to shoot one of the suspects in the hand before both fled the scene.

It was a hectic situation turned worse when the fleeing suspects headed into the woods nearby the homes of folks living in the area.  Two extremely violent criminals on the loose with no reinforcements nearby, it was amazing that they were not able to affect any more damage to person or property.

A manhunt underway, the two suspects attempted to break into a Florida man’s home.  One of the suspects decided against the forced entry and fled on foot – where he was later apprehended.  The second one, Samuel Wyndham Reager, 18, decided to try his luck with the homeowner.

“I would certainly say if (the homeowner) had not had a firearm he could very well have been killed,” McKeithen said during the press conference. “It can happen to you and it could have happened tonight in the Cove.”

Reager was apprehended inside the home.  He already had a gunshot wound to the hand and the Glock pistol authorities found on him appears to be the same one used in the gunfight with Officer Brady.

Lachlan Fain Akins, 20, was identified as the other suspect whom was apprehended when he decided to forgo the home invasion.  Both are currently in custody without bail.  According to the press conference, Reager had prior charges filed against him in Michigan and reportedly “told others he would not go back to jail.”

Apparently that plan didn’t work out so well.  The officer who was shot was evacuated to medical care and is in stable condition.  His training and his bulletproof vest are considered his saving graces in that encounter as both criminals immediately drew down upon him and opened fire.  It’s a terrifying ordeal for all involved and a constant reminder that it always pays to stay armed – even when at home.

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