Armed Man Shot By ‘Victim’ While Trying To Steal Car


TUCSON, ARIZONA — In another case of a “victim” choosing to be anything but, a man was shot while trying to steal a car at gunpoint.

That’s not how he was hoping that would go, at all.

Apparently, the would-be thief decided that he would approach a responsibly-armed citizen’s vehicle and try to take it by force.

That “victim” wasn’t having any and when things hit the fan, Tucson News Now reports that he fired several shots at the attacker, and did hit him.

The thug then, understandably, decided it was just not his day and fled the scene, without a nice new car to add to his inventory.

So sad.

A friend took him to the hospital, where his condition was initially “life-threatening,” though that has improved enough that he is expected to survive his ordeal.

One assumes that upon his release from the hospital he will be going right to jail. Good.

Now, this story is awesome, because the good guy won. But it brings up an important point that is often discussed, but not often enough.

Is your firearm ready to go when you are in and around your vehicle?

A lot of folks don’t pay enough attention to the idea, and then if/when they need their firearm, it’s in an IWB holster in the small of their back. Still.

Have a care — traveling takes up more of your day than you realize, and it’s worth your time to set up your firearm and vehicle to make carry comfortable on the road.

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