[VIDEO] Nobody Had A Gun To Stop This Armed Robber – So They Got Creative…


Brazil is nuts, man!  This armed robber tried to knock off a gas station only to find himself in a whole mess of trouble.  Unfortunately, most Brazilians can’t legally carry firearms to thwart armed robberies like this.  Thankfully, they banded together and took care of the problem their own way.

By the time police arrived, I’m sure the robber was excited for the safety and security of a jail cell.

This is what it’s all about – making sure criminals can’t predict how a situation will unfold.  When a criminal feels there’s no one who can do anything to stop him – that stupidity needs to be corrected.

No matter if you’re a concealed carrier who happened to leave his firearm at home that day or just another face in the crowd – don’t make it easy.  Fight back.

Bom trabalho, Brasil!

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