Say No To Firing Your Gun Into The Air To Scare Off A Robber, Detroit Edition

DETROIT, MICHIGAN — I have a philosophy that I feel is pretty solid: the only time you should ever discharge your firearm outside of a range and training environment is if you are doing so to stop a threat in it’s tracks.

With that said…

A robber walked into the Turkey Grill and began to go at it with a customer who was a disabled veteran. “The criminal hit me with something in the back of my head,” the veteran said.

The robber was trying to steal the veteran’s gold chain, and that’s when a struggle ensued. He chased the robber out of the store and eventually caught up to him, and forced him back to the store at gunpoint.

“I pushed him and I told him, ‘Punk, sit down. Punk, sit down,’” he said. “He looked at me and thought I was an easy target because I’m disabled, but don’t let the smooth taste fool ya. That’s how he got caught up.”

After a few minutes, the robber seemingly had enough and made a break for it. He was able to get away. However during another brief chase, the veteran fired two shots in the air.

Even though the veteran has a concealed carry permit, police cited him for discharging his weapon.

“They actually delivered it to my house. I think it’s unfair,” he said.

If you find yourself in immediate danger, and believe that you are about to be killed or seriously injured, you are given the go-ahead to draw your firearm and defend yourself. However if the bad guy is running in the opposite direction, you should neither fire at the bad guy or fire in the air as a way of saying “don’t come back”.

It’s a bad use of a firearm, and a concealed carrier should know better.


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