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Man Attacked By Father And Son Duo, Fatally Shoots The Son In Self Defense

LEXINGTON, SOUTH CAROLINA — This shooting took place several weeks ago at a Christmas party. However, authorities have finally determined this case to be a self defense shooting. The details of the case are a little strange, I suggest reading the full story at the link below.

On Dec. 20, police were called to Southern Dreams Realty where they found Warren-Camp with a fatal gunshot wound to the chest.

Police said Warren-Camp and his father, William Douglas Camp Jr., got into an altercation at the party that Rowe tried to break up. Calvin Lee Brown, 51, fired several rounds into the air in an attempt to disperse the crowd, police said.

When Rowe and his wife attempted to leave, Warren-Camp pulled Rowe out of his car and began assaulting him, police said.

Camp also began attacking Rowe, repeatedly hitting him in the face and body, police said. Rowe attempted to escape but couldn’t. He then pulled out a gun while Warren-Camp was on top of him and shot Warren-Camp in the chest, police said.

Via Tribtown

The Breakdown:

If we can decipher the story correctly, the events around this shooting are pretty surreal. The article says that the Camps (father and son) got into an altercation that Rowe (the shooter) tried to break up. The way the article is worded makes it sound like the father and son got into an altercation with one another. It may be that the father and son got into an altercation with another group, in which Rowe tried to break up.

In either case, the altercation appears to have gotten out of hand. That is when another person, Calvin Lee Brown, drew his firearm and shot into the air several times. Apparently, this was an attempt to disrupt the altercation that was happening, and to try dispersing the crowd that had gathered.

The gunshots sent people running, including Rowe and his wife. However, the father and son duo tracked Rowe down as he was trying to leave. Here, they pulled Rowe out of the car and began tag-teaming a beat down on him.

As Rowe lay on the ground with the son on top of him, he drew his own gun and fired. He shot the son in the chest. That is when dad backed off.

The Bad:

From all accounts, it seems like Rowe is a pretty swell guy. When the fight broke out he tried to be helpful and break it up. When he heard gunshots, he tried to get his wife to safety and leave the area.

The bad in this story comes from Calvin Lee Brown. For some reason, Calvin thought it was a good idea to discharge his firearm in the air. I think Calvin has seen too many movies.

Firing a gun around a crowd of people doesn’t get them to all stop what they are doing and freeze. It create confusion and terror. Not to mention that this kind of thing is absolutely illegal to do.

Calvin later turned himself in and was charged with unlawful use of a firearm and discharging a firearm in town limits.

The Good:

Rowe maintained control of his firearm at all times, and did his best to refrain from using it until necessary. When Brown discharged his weapon, Rowe didn’t take his own out too to join in the air shooting, or to try and be a hero.

When Brown started shooting, Rowe tried to remove himself and his wife from the danger. Even when the Camps came and pulled him out of the car he remained passive, trying to avoid a shooting conflict. It wasn’t until they attacked him and caused him serious harm did he finally act.

Rowe suffered a broken eye socket along with cuts to the face and head with bruises on his body. At this point, with the son on top of him, his life was now clearly in danger. Rowe retrieved his firearm and fired a round to save his life. He did not get up and go after dad. He ended the threat and he was done.

The dad eventually turned himself in and is facing a slew of charges. After a full investigation, police have determined Rowe’s actions were lawful and made in self defense.

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