[VIDEO] Armed Robber Tries To Chamber Round During Hold-up, Fails To Feed, Cashier Calmly Hands Over Cash

KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI — During an ‘armed’ robbery, the bad guy wasn’t quite prepared while demanding cash from an employee at a Jimmy Johns around 9:15pm on April 26th.

The robbery happened just after 9:00 p.m., Wednesday. The man wearing a light blue hooded sweatshirt entered the restaurant, placed an order, then pulled a gun instead of a wallet out of his pocket and pointed it at the cashier.

The cashier handed over the money and then tried to give the robber the whole cash register tray, but he pushed it back.

The employee, ever so calmly, can be seen complying with the man in the video above. He even hands the entire drawer to the guy, almost as a ‘just take it man, because I’m sick of dealing with your crap.’ It’s amazing how calm this cashier is, even with a gun to his head during much of the encounter.

So what went wrong (or right, in this case)? When the bad guy pulls out his firearm from his hoodie, he needs to rack the slide to chamber a round. When he attempted to do so, he failed. The round was never chambered, and the slide can be seen, very clearly, that it remained open with a failure to feed.

Maybe he was nervous.


In any event, the bad guy got the cash and took off, but was later apprehended by police because of the excellent video footage that showed his face as clear as day.

Criminals aside, this is a learning opportunity for lawful gun owners everywhere. It serves as a great visual reminder of how important it truly is to keep a round in the chamber. If the roles were switched and the cashier was the one drawing the firearm instead, he would have had a brick to throw at the bad guy instead of a real chance at defending himself if needed.

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