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Quick Thinking Store Employee Shoots And Kills Robber After Having Shotgun To His Own Head

LITHONIA, GEORGIA — A store employee fought back against two armed robbers and escaped with his life. When they tried to catch the employee off guard, he raised the bet.

Two men armed with a shotgun entered a store Thursday afternoon and asked to see something on a shelf behind the employee. He turned around to retrieve the item and that’s when he was met with a shotgun pointed at the back of his head.

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Using his quick thinking, the employee turns around slowly and then grabs the shotgun so that it’s pointed away from his head, all while drawing his own firearm and shooting the robber. The armed employee was seemingly carrying a concealed firearm.

The robber who was shot died at the scene from his injuries. The other robber took off but later turned himself into police after his father convinced him to do so.

One customer of the business said during an interview, “It’s like it’s the wild wild west around here now.” Actually, it’s like armed citizens are taking control in bad situations.

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