More Intense Surveillance Footage Of Home Invasion, Except This Victim Is Missing A Firearm To Fight Back With

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS — A woman let two men into her home along with a trusted friend, only to be betrayed by that friend and suffer a home invasion setup instead.

The woman’s security system captured much of the intense encounter, and you can clearly see her being held in a choke hold by one of the intruders.

That particular intruder kept asking her where the footage was stored that was being recorded, and he couldn’t grasp the concept that it wasn’t stored locally. . .but rather in the cloud. Some people are just too stupid. After all, it’s not like this guy even has a job (if I had to guess, since he’s a criminal). He’s too busy being a thug.

The poor woman that was turned into a victim by her ‘friend’ was missing two very important things during this encounter: #1 would be a firearm that she could have drawn at the first sign of trouble, and #2 would be an actual friend. . .instead of the shady woman who used her for a robbery.

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