Road Rage Leads To Driver Having A Gun Pointed At His Face


AVONDALE, ARIZONA — Fransisco Garcia was driving down the road when says another driver began drifting into this lane. Garcia sped up and switched lanes, but that was far from the end of this ordeal.

At that moment, Garcia says the suspect got upset and followed him to the left turn lane. They reportedly both got out – Garcia wanting to get the suspect’s license plate number from the back of his car, and the suspect mad at Garcia thinking he cut him off.


Garcia told police the suspect began assaulting him until he got back into his car. That’s when the suspect showed up at the window and pointed a gun directly at him.

Dash cam video showed the scary encounter, and reminds us all of how important it is to get as far away from aggressive drivers as possible.

Garcia seems to have had no where to go, and was trapped inside his car with a gun pointed at him. Any time I pull up to a traffic light or stop sign, I leave enough room between my vehicle and the vehicle ahead of me so that if I need to make a move, I have space to navigate around that vehicle. If I have to hop a curb, so be it.

One of those reasons could be an angry driver who comes up to my window with a gun.

We’ll never know how a person will handle themselves until it happens, and always remember that not everyone you encounter will have the same character as yourself. There are people out there who have no problem pulling out a gun and assaulting you, or shooting you, simply because they’re mad about your actions while driving.

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