2 Dead 1 Injured: Gun Enthusiast Shoots 3 Armed And Violent Home Invaders One-By-One, Armed Neighbor Comes To Help


WESLEY CHAPEL, FLORIDA — A man home alone playing video games late Thursday night had to act quickly when three armed home invaders broke into his home.

A gun enthusiast, these armed invaders didn’t know what they were up against.

Three invaders entered. Two died at the scene while the third was rushed to the hospital.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said the man was home alone, playing video games, when he heard glass shatter toward the back of his house.

The homeowner grabbed a gun and began walking down his hallway, where he saw an armed intruder dressed in dark clothing and wearing a mask, Nocco explained.

The homeowner shot and killed the first intruder and then took out the second one, who was right behind the first.

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It wasn’t an easy fight, though. During the fight for his life, the gun jams. Not wasting any time, the homeowner opts to grab another gun.

At some point, one of the three intruders managed to fire a gun. But, the homeowner was able to shoot him, too, before his gun jammed.

When the homeowner’s gun jammed, he went to grab another one. At that moment, the third intruder managed to get up and run away.  But, a neighbor stopped him in his tracks and held him at gunpoint outside until Pasco County deputies arrived.

The neighbor called the homeowner to tell him that he was outside, holding the third suspect at gunpoint.

Police say the incident was targeted, but more information wasn’t immediately available. More on that down below.

The surviving suspect is facing homicide charges in addition to robbery and home invasion charges. These homicide charges come into play when one or more suspects survive and one or more suspects… don’t.

At least two of the suspects have a lengthy and violent criminal history, according to police.

The homeowner told police that he believes that he was targeted based on photos that he’s shared online of his firearms.

As for what led up to the shooting, the homeowner told law enforcement he was a gun enthusiast who posts pictures of his firearms to social media. So, he believes his house was targeted.

Criminals have to be stupid to try robbing a person known to be armed, but they’re not usually too smart to begin with. That being said, it’s still a reminder that when we post information on social media, less-than-desirable people could be viewing that content. And want to get their hands on it.

This dual team of armed homeowner and armed neighbor is a nice thing to see. Not only do we have an armed and prepared intended target, but we also have an armed and alert neighbor who wasn’t afraid to step in and help out his neighbor.

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