Why We Carry: 3 Children Shot And Killed During Supervised Visit

A tragic incident occurred in Verdigris, Oklahoma, where a mother, Brandy McCaslin, is accused of killing her three children aged 11, 6, and 10 months, before taking her own life. The devastating event took place during a supervised visitation at her home, following a police response to fireworks outside the residence.

Authorities revealed that when an officer arrived at the scene due to the fireworks, they discovered McCaslin barricaded inside the house with a firearm. Over the course of three hours, attempts were made to negotiate with her, but unfortunately, there was no response.

Officers eventually entered the home and found McCaslin and her three children dead. It was determined that she had shot her children before turning the gun on herself.

Police Chief Jack Shackelford shared that a woman had gone to the house to drop off one of the children for the supervised visit when McCaslin allegedly pointed a gun at her and took the child. McCaslin then locked the woman and two other children in the garage. Fortunately, they were able to escape with the help of the officers after using a firework to draw attention to the situation.

The father of one of the deceased children, Billy Jacobson, suggested that McCaslin may have been upset about their breakup. The community is left in shock and grief over this heart-wrenching tragedy.

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