Killer Fashion? Woman’s Gun Shoes Make TSA Nervous


BALTIMORE, MARYLAND — A woman was stopped at a TSA security checkpoint at Baltimore-Washington International Airport recently due to her gun-themed high heels and bracelets.

Taking a look at the feature image of these shoes and bracelets, I wouldn’t exactly call them high fashion, but even at a glance there’s no way in heck these things resemble the real thing.  Apparently, the TSA are not slaves to fashion and quickly went into bureaucratic hive-mind reactionary nonsense and decided to hold up the entire line so she could put her apparel into checked baggage.

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“We do not permit replica guns or ammunition past checkpoints,” TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein said to KTLA 5. “She was advised that she could put them in a checked bag.”

While it may mystify our audience how these highly trained government officers could mistake shoes and bracelets for actual firearms, thankfully the TSA spokeswoman elucidated why they made the stop.

“Items such as this look like real, actual firearms to the TSA officers who are staffing the X-ray monitors,” and will only cause delays, Farbstein says. “It will definitely slow them down, slow down their traveling companions who are waiting for them, and it will slow down the checkpoint lines for other travelers.”

This is Baltimore, after all.  And the only two types of people allowed to carry guns are pretty much cops and robbers.  This, in of itself, doesn’t account for these TSA agents mistaking simply crafted fashion accessories with firearms but it’s the only pass we can give them.  I mean, come on! There’s clearly no working mechanics or primers or moving cylinders. These are solid pieces.

If anything, let this serve as a warning to any of you out there looking to board a plane any time soon. If you’re going to wear your revolver-themed high heels onto a plane, put rubber duckies or tennis balls over them so TSA agents can’t get confused.
A woman trying to get through a checkpoint at BWI Airport Saturday afternoon was stopped by TSA agents who detected a pair of gun-themed shoes and bracelets in one of her carry-on bags. "We do not permit replica guns or ammunition past checkpoints," TSA spokesperson Lisa Farbstein tells CNN. "She was advised that she could put them in a checked bag." The traveler then went back to the check-in counter and tried to get the items checked, Farbstein says, but apparently it was already too late, so she returned to the checkpoint "and left the shoes and bracelets with TSA in order to catch her flight." TSA reminds travelers that they should not bring replica guns or ammunition to checkpoints. "Items such as this look like real, actual firearms to the TSA officers who are staffing the x-ray monitors," which will definitely cause delays, Farbstein says.

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