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Concealed Carrier Shoots Rooftop Robber After Police Took 20 Minutes To Respond

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — In Lincoln Park, a homeowner thwarted a suspected rooftop burglar who gained access to the property via a nearby construction site. This is the second instance this week of a potential victim shooting a suspect on the North Side.

The homeowner and his wife were alerted to the intruder’s presence by the sound of footsteps on their roof late at night. Upon realizing it was an attempted break-in, the homeowner, a concealed carry permit holder, shot the female suspect to protect his family.

The couple first alerted authorities of a suspicious person around 11 p.m., followed by a report of shots fired at their address. The police arrived to find the suspect shot, though her injuries to the wrist and chest are non-life-threatening.

The homeowner’s wife reportedly called the emergency services three times before help arrived, a process that took around 20 minutes.

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