Dramatic Video Of Home Invasion: How Many Rounds Do You Really Need?

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — Six men storm a home, guns drawn, and it’s all caught on camera. It happened in Atlanta on May 11th, and the six armed suspects are still on the loose.

Police say that the men took off (seen in the video) after the homeowner started yelling.

But what if they kept pressing forward?

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This brings up the question: How many rounds should you really have in your firearm? Cuomo says 7, but what does he know. (The answer is nothing. Cuomo knows nothing.)

You against 6 guys with guns isn’t exactly in your favor, but knowing the layout of your own home is. What if you’re carrying, say, a Glock 42 or 43? If you have to take them all out, you’ll need 6 perfectly placed shots. Or, maybe once their buddies start dropping to the ground, the rest will get the hint and high-tail it out of there and back to Thugville.

But what if they keep coming after you? How about, 3 rounds for each bad guy. That should do it, right? Then, 18 it is. Or you know, extra magazines.

If you were the homeowner involved in this home invasion, how many rounds would you want to have on your person at the time of the invasion? What’s the number for you?

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