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Campus Carry Is (Likely) Coming To Texas

There is not much that seems to be standing in the way of allowing students and faculty to carry firearms on campus in Texas. Bills are currently in the Texas House and Senate, and Governor Abbott has already stated that he looks forward to signing such bills.

Police and campus administrators are starting to prepare for the potential changes, and it’s unclear if any colleges will challenge any of the legislation if passed.

Since Colorado passed legislation permitting handguns on college campuses in 2003, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Kansas, Wisconsin, Arkansas and Mississippi have all passed similar laws.

North Central Texas College Police Chief James Fitch is beginning to prepare, but hesitant about the usefulness and safety of allowing campus carry.

“I just feel on a college campus and an educational setting, it opens you up for more problems than it’s actually going to help,” Fitch says during an interview with a local reporter.

“If someone pulls out that gun to defend themselves for an active shooter, we don’t know who the good guy is and who the bad guy is,” says Fitch.

What Police Chief Fitch seems to forget is that having a good guy with a gun in the room, in the event of an active shooting situation, helps to level the playing field and opens up the opportunity to save lives. As far as police determining who is good and who is bad, a concealed carry permit holder typically knows to either re-holster, or put down their firearm when police arrive to the scene. Unlike this guy.

The topic of guns on campus is a heated one; possibly one of the most heated debates dealing with the topic of guns as a whole. But I ask the question; how often do we hear of any ill effects of this already-passed legislation in the above mentioned states?

That’s right. We don’t.

But here is something that we have heard about, and it’s about damn time. More of these stories are good for everyone except the criminal.

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