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California Business Proves Anti-Gunners Wrong Saving Office Against Robbery Threat

SACRAMENTO, CA — A man was shot and killed after he realized — way too late — that the owner of the business he was trying to rob was also armed and not going down easy, KCRA reports.

His actions show all of us just how much of a difference we can make if we remain responsibly-armed.

According to KCRA:

An armed robber was shot and killed Wednesday night when the owner of the business he targeted fired back, according to the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department. The Sheriff’s Department said it was notified about the shooting just after 10:30 p.m. in the 2700 block of Cottage Way.

A business owner reported that an armed and masked gunman entered the office in an alleged robbery attempt. The business owner said he shot the suspect, ending the incident. Paramedics pronounced the suspect dead at the scene with several gunshot wounds to his torso.

Investigators were at the scene early Thursday gathering evidence and working to identify the suspect. They said the shooting was an isolated incident and there was no further threat to the public.

Well, yes. There’s no further threat to the public because a responsibly-armed citizen shot and killed the threat to the public.

Despite what some California lawmakers might wish, it’s likely to stay that way for as long as people can.

It’s no small wonder how someone can look at situations like this — there are more than I can count — and say “Man, we really need to cut back on what the responsibly-armed citizen can do.”

And yet, that’s what we see constantly.

As we continue to try and live out the example of the responsible, life-and-community-saving citizen, we also need to remember — contribute to the greater conversation. When stories like this break, talk about them.

I just talked with someone over the break who didn’t support gun control, but challenged me to name one time an armed citizen stopped a mass shooting. Seriously, there are people who have no idea.

Let’s do better, if mainstream outlets won’t.

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