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PA Escaped Killer Now Armed With Scoped Rifle After Breaking Into Residence, Homeowner Fired Several Shots

The hunt intensifies for the escapee Danelo Cavalcante who is now known to be armed, following an incident where he reportedly invaded a home in East Nantmeal Township and made away with a .22 caliber rifle on Monday night, as reported by local officials.

The dragnet expanded considerably after two sightings of Cavalcante on Monday. Initially spotted by a driver near Fairview Road around 8 PM, the next known encounter occurred around 10:10 PM when he forcibly entered a garage. Unbeknownst to Cavalcante, the homeowner was present and fired several shots at him as he fled with the newly acquired firearm.

It is not believed that Cavalcante was struck by any of the shots fired by the homeowner.

Following these events, law enforcement redefined the search perimeters, spanning areas outlined by PA 23, PA 100, Fairview and Nantmeal roads, and further bordered by Iron Bridge and County Park roads.

As Tuesday unfolded, community tension escalated, leading to the closure of all seven schools and offices within the Owen J. Roberts School District. Roadblocks were set up in North Coventry Township, notably close to routes 100 and 23, spearheaded by a significant assembly of law enforcement officers. While no evacuation orders have been issued yet, residents are being urged to fortify their homes and stay alert to the palpable threat Cavalcante poses.

Live video from the scene can be viewed below:

Pennsylvania State Police have amplified their warning to the local populace, urging them to exercise utmost caution, securing their homes and vehicles, and to steer clear of the fugitive, contacting 911 immediately if he is sighted. Descriptions reveal Cavalcante was last seen without a shirt, donning blue trousers and wielding a .22 rifle equipped with a ten-round magazine, mounted flashlight and a scope. Additional information gathered from a doorbell camera footage showed him earlier in a light green hooded sweatshirt, which alongside his prison shoes, was later found discarded in the vicinity.

The law enforcement brigade mobilized in the search has surged to about 500 personnel, drawing from various agencies including the state police, ATF, local police divisions, U.S. Marshals, and the Border Patrol. This force is employing a combination of K9 units, aerial surveillance, and mounted patrols in their concerted efforts to locate Cavalcante.

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