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[FIREARM REVIEW] Taran Tactical Innovations Sand Viper

Every now and again you come across a handgun that blows your mind away. That’s how I felt when I first shot the new Taran Tactical Sand Viper. The TTI Sand Viper is a double stack 2011 chambered in 9mm. It ships with two 22 round and one 28 round magazines. At first glance, the coyote bronze cerakote slide looks incredibly classy. It has lightening cuts throughout with forward serrations that scream high end. The grip is hand stippled by the folks at Taran Tactical. If you understand TTI, then you know the quality of craftsmanship they deliver. The Sand Viper does not have iron sights. It is an optic ready pistol that will accept a Trijicon RMR footprint red dot. I decided to get the larger (and more costly) Trijicon SRO red dot which seemed fitting to such a first class handgun.

Give me specifics

Let’s face the fact that 1911 triggers are the cream of the crop. There is something about that short and light trigger pull that provides accuracy like none other. Taran Tactical installed an incredibly light two pound trigger on the Sand Viper. What benefit is this you ask? Quick and accurate shooting that competitors love. Add to that, the Sand Viper has an integrated compensator that basically eliminates muzzle rise. The bottom line is this, sight in the red dot and you will hit your target with precise accuracy. I have shot many handguns in my life and the TTI Sand Viper is among the smoothest and most accurate pistols I have ever experienced. Watch the video that demonstrates how smooth the Sand Viper fires. 

More features

Additional features include, an oversized magazine release, a flared magwell that’s removable, and an extended beavertail safety without a memory bump. Taran believes a memory bump serves no purpose. With a strong grip on the pistol, the grip safety should blend into the grip creating an “unnoticed” feeling when it is engaged. The Sand Viper has an ambidextrous thumb safety. As mentioned earlier, the Sand Viper is optic ready with an RMR footprint. There are no optic plates needed to mount an optic. Simply use the screws in the case or the screws with the optic to firmly mount the optic to the slide. Additionally, the recoil spring is very light. It takes minimal effort to charge the slide which is nice considering some 1911’s require a handful to charge. 

From the Taran Tactical Innovations website.

The Sand Viper was designed to be the ultimate 2gun/3gun pistol. This firearm runs flawlessly with any factory or handloaded ammunition. With its extremely flat shooting compensator and low bore axis optic cut, point of aim will be nearly dead on from 5 yards to 50! This gun is already the sickest serpent on the planet holding the overall win at the USPSA 2gun nationals. Unlike many other 2011s, the fit and finish is like nothing you’ve ever held. These guns are tailor designed to fit and feel exactly like the gems Taran has used building his legacy. The memory groove is blended to seamlessly activate immediately. For any shooter this is the most astonishing handgun you’ll ever hold. Be careful of its hidden fangs. 

Range Time

I consider myself an average, possibly a little above, shooter. This Sand Viper made me feel like a champion. It is definitely a point and shoot pistol. The built in ported compensator allows the shooter to stay on target without fighting any recoil. I felt like I was shooting a .22LR pistol because the forend hardly moved which gave me the quickest follow up shots I have ever experienced. The five inch compensated match grade barrel gave me the confidence that my shots would impact my targets consistently. The two pound trigger pull is amazing. Using just a little pressure, the Sand Viper puts shots on target every time. 

How much is the Sand Viper?

A 1911 (2011) handgun of this quality costs a hefty price. The MSRP of the TTI Sand Viper is $7,000. Add to that, the SRO red dot cost me $620 plus tax. However, you can WIN this TTI Sand Viper by clicking this link getenteredtowin.com/tfg and purchasing a mug. Each coffee mug purchased automatically enters you a spot into the Sand Viper giveaway. By the way, it is the exact pistol in the video the winner will receive. The percentage of winning this Sand Viper is greater than you think. The deadline for the Sand Viper giveaway is 7/13/22. Good luck to all who enter.

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