Shadowy Figure Kicks in Door — But He’s No Stranger


SOUTH SALT LAKE, UT — A man made the mistake of kicking in the door of an armed, responsible, and vigilant homeowner.

The man inside the house, who was not too pleased with being disturbed in the middle of the night, ran to a back room and found his firearm and shot the invader.

It’s fortunate for the home invader that he survived the event.

As reports:

The man was shot after he kicked in the door of a home near 300 E. 3480 South at about 10:25 p.m. Friday, South Salt Lake police spokesman Gary Keller said.

A man who was in the house ran to a back room, grabbed a gun and then shot the invader in the leg, Keller said. The two people involved in the shooting knew each other and had some kind of history, Keller added.

The man who was shot was in the hospital as of Saturday morning, Keller said. He did not provide any identifying information for either of the people involved in the shooting. He said the shooting appears to be a case of self-defense, but police were still investigating.

It’s always worse to have to open fire on someone you know — even if they’re not your favorite guy or gal in the neighborhood.

Important to note, here, is the way in which the suspect was brought down. He kicked a door in, the homeowner made a run to the back room and got his firearm, and the invader was shot in the leg.

There was a step here that doesn’t belong, folks.

Nobody needs to be running to a back room to be getting a firearm. It costs time, and although I am certainly glad it didn’t cost lives in this case, it absolutely can.

Stay armed at home, folks. Your gun doesn’t do you any good at the top of your bedroom closet if you’re in the downstairs living room.

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