[CCW IN ACTION] Man In Michigan Helps Capture Attempted Rapist And Save Young Woman

A young woman was found walking down the street with blood all over her face and completely naked. Moments before, she was witnessed crawling out of the window of an abandoned home and screaming for help. She was trying to get away from a man who was about to rape her.

As neighbors came out to see what was happening, they went over to the young woman to help her and get her clothed and comforted. Another neighbor, who happened to have his concealed carry firearm with him, forced her attacker out of the home at gunpoint.

“She got lucky,” said the woman’s mother, who is not being identified to protect the identity of the woman. “If it wasn’t for all these people who cared enough to help her, and not turn the other cheek like so many people would, my daughter would be dead right now.”

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The man did exit the home, but took off running. That’s when the armed citizen took chase and was assisted by an under cover auto theft police officer who happened to be in the area. The two were able to tackle the suspect and hold him at gunpoint until police arrived to take him away.

The young woman was walking back home from the store in broad daylight when she was forced into the vacant home by the man, where he beat and choked her.

“I still can’t sleep because of the way she was screaming,” said Abels [a neighbor].

Another neighbor made a comment that solidifies my reasoning for carrying a firearm.

“It’s scary that it happened so close, and in the middle of the day,” she said. “I’ve never experienced anything like that in my 23 years living here.”

You could live in the same area for 20 years with nothing bad happening, but all it takes is one bad apple and one bad incident to make you happy that you carry a firearm.

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