Another “I Am Not Allowed To Carry At Work” Scenario: What Do You Do?

A reader sent us a message similar to this one, asking what we would do if we were in a similar situation. While each situation may sound unique, they really aren’t. As long as it’s not illegal to carry at the location, I’d carry. Just because an employer told me that they prefer I don’t carry, or they ban it all together, I’d politely nod my head and continue on with my day (and with my firearm).

Anywho, here is the message that details this particular case. What would you do?

My wife works on a night shift at a local factory. This company like many others does not allow employees to carry guns, knives and such on the property. This week there was a boyfriend, girlfriend, ex boyfriend type of altercation on the property involving a knife. One was an employee getting off work. No one was injured, but that was luck. My ‘What if’, comes from me realizing that could have been my wife walking out with this employee and getting hurt. She is legal carry with some good range time and good sense to go with it. Due to our location and the parking lot being very well light, I was foolishly feeling/thinking all will be well, and it was this time. But what about next time? I am going to install a lock box in her car so she can keep her Sig safe and out of sight, and she will not be totally helpless. This is still not allowed by the company and could cost her a job, but there are other jobs out there. Feel free to share thoughts on this. What would you do?

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