14-Year-Old Fatally Shoots Mom, Injures Boyfriend After Argument Turns Deadly

In a tragic incident in Riverview, Florida, a 14-year-old boy was apprehended on Saturday after reportedly fatally shooting his mother and severely wounding her boyfriend, as stated by local officials.

The horrifying event unfolded in the Summerfield neighborhood, with authorities receiving multiple distress calls around 4 p.m. Sheriff Chad Chronister, visibly shaken, described the scene as the “stuff of nightmares” during a press briefing.

Responding officers encountered the juvenile who threatened to commit suicide, putting a gun to his head multiple times. Following a tense 16-minute standoff, the officers managed to subdue him using a non-lethal projectile to prevent further potential self-harm, before detaining him.

The investigation revealed that the teenager allegedly engaged in a heated argument before firing multiple shots. His mother’s boyfriend, who sustained severe injuries including gunshot wounds to his face, hands, and lower torso, managed to escape and was later hospitalized in a critical state at Tampa General Hospital. The mother, unfortunately, was found deceased a short distance away from the scene.

A conversation with the suspect’s elder brother, who was present during the incident, revealed that a dispute had escalated, resulting in the horrifying act. Sheriff Chronister lamented the irreversible damage caused to the family, highlighting the shocking involvement of such a young individual with no prior criminal record. Authorities are in the process of securing a search warrant to further the investigation.

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