Two Dead and Five Injured in Halloween Stabbings Carried Out by Man in “Medieval Clothing”


QUEBEC CITY, QUEBEC, CANADA — Halloween became a real-life horror for citizens of Quebec City Saturday night. Imagine being approached by someone in costume carrying a sword…and then having them lunge at you with the intent of taking your life.

Police began receiving calls just before 10:30 on Halloween night about a man dressed in a medieval costume attacking people with a sword near the building that houses the provincial Parliament.  They found as many as 25 crime scenes, as well as two deceased victims and another five persons who were wounded. The suspect was apprehended shortly before 1:00 am and taken to a hospital for evaluation.

Police Chief Robert Pigeon said that the suspect used a Japanese-style sword and lunged at what appears to be random victims.  He has no known ties to any terrorist group, but records indicate that the man had threatened an act of violence five years ago. The dead were identified as Francois Duchesne, 56, ad Suzanne Clermont, 61. Police said the five surviving victims had severe lacerations, but none of the injuries appeared to be life-threatening. Mayor Regis Labeaume speculated that the incident may have resulted from mental health issues.

Hadi Hassin, a local resident and journalist, said, “It has all the ingredients of a horror film, a man disguised who goes out on Halloween and kills people.”.

Police identified the suspect as Carl Girouard, 24, of a suburb northeast of Montreal. He has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and five counts of attempted murder. He made his first appearance before a judge on Sunday, via a video conference.

This insane story is a terrible thing to hear about, and reminds us of the importance of being armed and able to defend ourselves.

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