[CCW IN ACTION] Pharmacy Employee Turns Tables On Armed Robber With A Surprise Of His Own

I’m getting really sick of these a-holes, but smile each time I read a story that shows a responsible citizen defending him or herself against criminals.

A pharmacy employee of Family Pharmacy at 225 Cross Creek Boulevard, Missouri turns the tables on an armed robber who came in demanding pills from the employees.

Armed with a handgun, the robber pointed it at employees and told him he wanted pills. One of the employees drew a handgun of his own, one that he legally carries with him, and fired once at the robber. And wouldn’t you know, he hit the robber with that single shot.

The robber fired multiple shots as he ran out the door and luckily missed with each shot. He was later found in a vehicle with a female accomplice and arrested. He was taken to the hospital for treatment of his fancy new gunshot would to his torso, courtesy of an armed citizen who believes in protecting himself and others around him.

Stories like this with a happy ending make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

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