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BAD FORM: Man Opens Fire In Parking Lot at Thief

ORLANDO, FL — A man opened fire after he noticed that his car was being stolen from a local parking lot, WESH 2 reports.

The person attempting to flee with said vehicle hit another car and a light pole in his attempt at freedom and safety, according to reports — in other words, it was way, way too dangerous there to be firing a weapon at a moving vehicle.

As WESH 2 reports:

A man shot at a person who attempted to steal his vehicle from a parking lot on Edgewater Drive, the Orlando Police Department said. Authorities said the man was exiting a business when he noticed a person in his vehicle backing out of a parking space around 8:15 p.m. on Saturday.

The thief attempted to flee west on Lee Road but crashed the vehicle into another vehicle and a light pole, police said. According to authorities, the person then left the area on foot and was able to evade police.

In a release, police said the victim is cooperating with the ongoing investigation. Officials said no one was reported injured.

It really is a miracle that no one died.

To be clear — having a car stolen from you sucks. It’s the very worst, far more so if you don’t have any kind of stolen vehicle insurance.

It being the very worst does not mean it constitutes a deadly threat.

Invasion of a car very rarely constitutes grounds for lethal defense — that is, unless you or someone else is already occupying said vehicle. You can’t be shooting at people trying to break into your car in the middle of the night, either, without risking criminal penalties (depending on your location and laws, of course).

Moreover, firing at a moving target fleeing a scene in the middle of a crowded parking lot is, well, insane.

Don’t be the kind of carrier that gets other people hurt.

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