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Two 10-Year-Old Boys Engage In Handgun Sale On Elementary School Grounds

HENDRY COUNTY, FLORIDA — At Country Oaks Elementary School, a shocking incident occurred where two 10-year-old boys were implicated in a gun exchange for $300, leading to a police investigation and school lockdown. This alarming situation came to light after a concerned parent’s tip prompted a search, uncovering a gun and 74 grams of marijuana at one of the student’s homes.

The involved boys, one selling and the other buying the firearm, which belonged to the seller’s deceased father, are now in custody. The seller’s mother is a deputy for the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office and was placed on administrative leave.

Hendry County Sheriff Steve Whidden emphasized the role of parents in guiding and communicating with their children to prevent such incidents. The origin of the marijuana found with the boys remains a mystery.

There is no acceptable scenario where a 10-year-old gains such access to a firearm, of which is compounded by the fact that the firearm was out of the home for a month without anyone noticing. Knowing where your firearms are at all times is critical, as it is up to each and every gun owner to be responsible with their storage choices.

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